About Me

I am pursuing a PhD in Urban Analytics and 3D City Modelling at the National University of Singapore, supervised by Prof. Filip Biljecki. My research interest is in open-source software, urban deep learning models, and volunteered geographic information. I am interested in the application of computational methods to inform the planning of sustainable and liveable cities.

Recent Work

Global Feature-Rich Network Dataset

(Under review)
Yap, W., & Biljecki, F (2023).

High resolution network dataset and interactive dashboard for 50 global cities.

Urbanity: Automated Modelling and Analysis of Multidimensional Networks in Cities

(Under review)
Yap, W., Stouffs, R., & Biljecki, F (2023).

We develop an open python package to automate computation of contextual and semantic spatial attributes of urban networks at any geographic location and scale.

Incorporating networks in semantic understanding of streetscapes for active mobility planning.

Published in Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science
Yap, W., Chang, J.H., & Biljecki, F (2022).

We investigate visual complexity and urban greenery along urban networks in Singapore and Tokyo. Access: here.

Free and Open Urbanism: Software for Urban Planning Practice

Published in Computers, Environment and Urban Systems
Yap, W., Janssen, P., & Biljecki, F (2022).

A state of the art review of open source analytical software to support urban planners. We identified 124 software and analyse trends in the landscape. Our work is open source and available here.

(Book Chapter) Tokyo - Pushing Frontiers, Planning for Society 5.0

Published by IMD and SUTD
Yap, W., & Norakmal, H (2021).

This is the second volume of smart city case studies edited by Arturo Bris, Christos Cabolis, Bruno Lanvin, and Chan Heng Chee. What drives cities to be smart? How have cities employed technology to cope with the global pandemic?

(Book) Age-Friendly Neighbourhood Planning and Design Guidelines - A Singapore Case Study

Published by World Scientific
Yuen, B., Bhuyan, M. R., Song, S., Moogoor, A., Yap, W., Močnik, Š., & Chua, R. (2022).

This work focuses on evidence-based research and examples of existing good practices on health-enabling, age-friendly neighbourhood provision. Recommendations prioritises the need to engage with older people when creating neighbourhoods that contribute to healthy ageing in place.

Neighbourhood built Environment, physical activity, and physical health among older adults in Singapore: A simultaneous equations approach

Published in Journal of Transport & Health
Song, S., Yap, W., Hou, Y., & Yuen, B (2020).

An increasing body of evidence suggests that regular physical activity can have important beneficial effects on individuals’ health into later years. This research investigated the inter-relationships between neighbourhood built environment and health.

The associations between older adults’ daily travel pattern and objective and perceived built environment: A study of three neighbourhoods in Singapore.

Published in Transport Policy
Hou, Y., Yap, W., Chua, R., Song, S., & Yuen, B (2020).

The increasing preference for ageing-in-place highlights the pivotal role of the neighbourhood environment in meeting the mobility needs of older adults.

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I love the global research community. If you are visiting Singapore, or just want to discuss potential research collaborations, please do not hesitate to reach out.